Black Veil Brides begin their final week of Cockfighting tonight against New York metal band Stemm. Will BVB win their spot in rotation? Check out the songs within and vote for your favorite.

  • 'Fallen Angels'

    Black Veil Brides

    With just a few wins left before they jump in rotation, Black Veil Brides return to (probably) embarrass the competition with 'Fallen Angels.' You can vote for the song below and tell us how you want to have the band's children in the comment section. That was a joke, but seriously, BVB fans really love the band.

  • 'Left Behind'


    STEMM released a funny ass video for this track -- if The Cockfight was based on video alone, they would probably win. But here we like to place our bets according to the music, which always makes thing interesting. Could STEMM pull an upset on the reigning champs? We'll find out when the polls close at 9:30 tonight.