Hour 1

Zane checked out a magazine article that showed older celebrities in their bathing suits and talked about how great they looked. He disagreed with all but about 2 of them, saying that they actually looked just as old as they really were. A seventh generation Welenda is trying to legalize tight-rope walking across Niagara Falls. We talked about how tight-rope walking was only cool in the documentary Man on Wire, where the guy walked between the Twin Towers. Some guy walked in to a bank, claiming to have a backpack filled with anthrax and demanded money from the teller. It was later revealed that there was no anthrax in the bag, but human waste.


Hour 2

Producer Joe got his CPAP machine yesterday and slept like a baby last night. He told us about the results of his sleep test from a few weeks ago. His breathing was basically stopping over 20 times an hour. A gunman that was in a standoff was live blogging about his experience on his Facebook page over the course of 16 hours. He even added 12 friends and his friends were giving him tips about where the SWAT team was hiding! We went over the bar tab from the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup celebration party from the Foxwoods casino. They spent over $156,000 just at the bar! You can see that in Cool Links. Balloon Boy’s dad has another great invention idea that he is trying to sell. It’s actually a decent product, but it tries to combine too many other products and the cost is ridiculous. See that in the Video Reel.


Hour 3

We watched a segment from the TV show Hoarders on the air this morning. While most of the people on the show just hoard random junk, the woman featured in this episode had hundreds of thousands of dolls in her house. She seemed 100% crazy. Which gender do you think is more selfish? We went over that this morning and had listeners call in with their opinions.


Hour 4

Free Beer had a couple of great word scrambles yesterday. One happened during the show and one happened off the air when the guys were recording promos for one of the affiliates. In today’s FBHW Report, we played Tracy Morgan’s public apology for his homophobic comments, as well as audio of the best (worst) lacrosse announcer of all time.


Hour 5

We talked about something called the 40 bead method. It was basically a way to convince your significant other to have sex with you by paying for it with beads. It seemed like a terrible plan and waste of money. We asked for listeners to call in and tell us if they have used this method or similar ones. Courtney Stodden, the 16 year old woman who married Percy from The Green Mile who we talked about yesterday, put out some videos a few months ago talking about cyber bullying. We went back on our previous thought that she was much older than 16 once we heard her talk. You can see that in the Video Reel. We closed the show by going over a list of guests that were at Jeff Connoway and Clarence Clemons’ memorial services and tried to guess which one they attended. Be sure to listen tomorrow for Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,800 from our friends at Cat Footwear.