Whether or not you think Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery are guilty, I think you'll agree that the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department had nothing to do with the awfulness that is Brad Dassey's 'Making a Murderer' rap song 'They Didn't Do It.'

Thanks to the controversial Netflix documentary 'Making a Murderer,' just about everyone is debating whether or not Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery are guilty. It wouldn't be America if someone (or multiple someones) close to the Avery didn't try to capitalize on the national interest in the story. Enter Brendan Dassey's "rapping" half-brother.

Brad, who we're going to guess is known as "B-Rad" to an insufferably douche-y group of friends he refers to as "his posse," spits rhymes so basic on 'They Didn't Do It' they make you ask questions like "Is English his first language?" and "Was Brendan the smart Dassey brother?"

32-year-old Brad bills himself as an "indie Christian rap artist" and says the track is “geared toward the supporters.” I mean, we get it, but we don't have to enjoy it. Honestly, I wouldn't even bash the dude for trying if it seemed like a genuine gesture, but the timing exposes it as an obvious attempt to cash in on the attention his half-bro's case is getting.

If we prosecuted crimes against music here in America, the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department wouldn't even have to plant evidence to get a conviction here. Netflix is currently looking for ways to make a follow-up to 'Making a Murderer,' perhaps they should consider 'Making a Terrible Rapper.'

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