It is hard to believe that someone would leave a baby in a bathroom of a Burger King restaurant, but it did happen 27 years ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Katheryn Deprill was that baby left behind. Through a Facebook post, Katheryn recently found her birth mother.

Attorney Jim Waldron arranged the meeting (I am guessing they did not meet at a Burger King), between Katheryn and her unidentified birth mother. It is easy for us to judge this situation, but as with any story - there is always more to it. Kathryn's mother was 17-years-old when she gave birth, and it turns out she was raped. Each of us will have our own opinion on this, but Katheryn holds no hate toward her birth mother. The woman known as the 'Burger King Baby', just wanted answers and it sounds like she finally got them.  Watch the video for more on this incredible story.