There's a new fast food option coming to Burtucky, and you know there's only one thing we can call it.

You may have noticed some construction going on in the heart of the old Belsay Rd K-Mart parking lot. Well, maybe not the heart. Technically, if the parking lot were a body it would be the head or the feet, but I digress...

That construction site is soon going to be the home of a new fast food option for Burtuckians in the form of a brand new KFC, that I decided we're all going to call Burtucky Fried Chicken. Seriously, if locals hear you call it "Kentucky Fried Chicken" they'll probably ban you from Burtucky Day Festivities for life.

The fried chicken foodery will share a parking lot with Dollar Tree, Family Farm & Home, and the Volunteers of America Thrift Store that occupies the old Kroger. I know I'm not the only one who thinks it's pretty cool to see that area get a second life.

This is The Colonel's debut in Burton, with the closest locations either being the location at Dort Highway and Lapeer Roads in Flint, or in Davison. As a long time patron of the area, I think I speak for everyone when I say it's about damn time.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I grew up right around the corner from that stretch of Belsay. I attended Bentley Schools (don't judge) most of my life, whose middle and high schools are right across the street. Growing up, that was my "main strip" so to speak. I still get a lump in my throat every time I think about going to Hardee's after school for a Frisco Burger or a strawberry shake, R.I.P.

That's probably why I'm borderline obsessed with writing about the minutiae of that particular stretch of Burton. Take for example that time I bitched about the "temporary" reduced speed limit on that stretch of Belsay that stayed long after construction had ended. Interestingly enough, they fixed that problem not long after my article... *whispers* you're welcome.

We've had some new food additions (fooditions?) there in the past several years -- Halo Burger, Subway, and just a little further up the street Tubby's in place of the defunct Krunchy Chunky Chicken or whatever that place was. Despite having a handful of options, KFC feels like a GAME CHANGER.

We used to pick up dinner from the one at Dort and Davison occasionally, but five miles is a little too far to get home with chicken that's still crunchy, and wedges that are not cold. Plus, that location kind of sucked. You add that to the fact that it's a decreasingly busy stretch of town and there is another location 1.6 miles up the road and it's no mystery why they shut it down and turned it into a Rally's.

Sure, maybe I'm making a big deal out of a KFC, but for a lot of us working families that are constantly on the go and live in that area  -- it's really nice to have a quick option that's not cheeseburger, taco, or sub.

By the way, I was totally serious about calling it Burtucky Fried Chicken. Let's just agree that we're all, collectively, going to do that and not make a big deal out of it, okay?

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