While shopping for the holidays, it's important to know what can be hazardous. I have an eight-year-old daughter and recently found something that was troubling.

I bought my little girl a couple craft sets because see loves to create things to decorate the house. One particular set made me question these gifts. We were working with colorful play sand and putting it into a glass vase.

As we were laying out the packages of sand I noticed to small envelopes that I thought were hazardous...to my health. What was in the envelopes? Glitter. F---ing glittler. Now, it has since spread to every corner of the house. I hate glitter! Why does it have to be in every damn toy. Glitter is just as annoying Easter grass, you find it everywhere for months!

Operation Glitter/Easter Grass Clean-up has begun in the Monroe apartment!

Monroe Pic

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