Just months after celebrating their one-year anniversary with a brand new 17-carat diamond ring for Mrs. Nickelback, Chad Kroger and Avril Lavigne are rumored to be heading for divorce.

The Jay-Z and Beyonce of Canada are reportedly looking to split according to US Weekly. A new article says an insider says the writing is pretty much on the wall and the pair have aren't seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. Another article claims that both of their flirtatious habits are getting to each other. There are even reports that Kroeger is basically telling everyone that it's over. Several different news sources all saying something different about how bad your relationship is going is rarely a good omen.

I wonder who gets those diamonds if they split? If you remember correctly, Chad proposed to Avril with a 14-carat diamond ring and then trumped that with a 17-carat rock last June for their one-year anniversary. Perhaps that was a "please don't leave me" gift.

At 39, Kroeger is 10 years her senior, but still has plenty of options with sexy man-locks like that atop his dome. Seriously, do you think he's using a store-bought shampoo or some fantastic mixture of fruits and berries indigenous to Canada that we don't know about?

As for Lavigne, I suppose that's one way to get out of listening to the new Nickelback album, well played. The pair have no children together, but did conceive Avril's self-titled album. Reportedly, neither want custody of that. Click below to see why.