It may be hard to believe but vocalist Corey Taylor says that not only is a Slipknot/Mushroomhead tour possible -- he'd also like to get Mudvayne and GWAR on board.

There's always been animosity between the fans of Slipknot and Mushroomhead. The fact that they're both heavy bands who wear masks probably caused some initial resentment but the feud really shifted into high gear after a 2002 interview with Rock Sound magazine. "That f---ing band, they couldn't be following us any closer if they were in this f---ing band," said Taylor of Mushroomhead. Now it appears that Taylor may be open to repairing the rift that was created between the the two groups of fans.

During one of the Q&As on Corey Taylor's recent tour he was asked about the possibility of touring with Mushroomhead, to which he amazingly replied, "maybe." Taylor's comments were met with some initial boos before he explained:

"My problem has never been with that band, my problem was with their fans at the time. The first time we played Cleveland, their fans came down, mind you we didn’t f—ing say s–t, their fans came down and threw everything but rocks at us. They hit Paul in the face with a padlock the size of my fist; this is while we’re onstage.When we got done playing, we took all of our s–t off and went into the audience. There were a lot of them, but there was all nine of us, there was Machine Head, and all of our friends from a band called Amen – and let’s just say we f—ing handled it right there.”

The story was almost identical to the one he gave in the 2002 interview, except before he stated that Mushroomhead had put the unruly fans up to it. Whether or not Taylor still believes their one-time rivals were behind the attack, he explained that they'd gotten over it before further contemplating the proposed gig:

"I would welcome it. I'd love to do something like that, you know. Especially now. I think it'd beautiful to put something like that together and just see what f—ing happens – Slipknot, Mushroomhead, GWAR and f---ing Mudvayne. Because if it's one thing I've learned, you don’t hold on to stupid s—, you let it go.”

Corey Taylor Talks Slipknot Mushroomhead Show

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