I thought I heard it all when it came to the weird and strange for 2020, and then someone said 'wait, hold my beer'.

Dead squirrels are now being found washed up on a Lake Michigan beach. We're not talking one or two, we're talking about 100 squirrels so far.

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The little rascals are washing up on a beach at a state park on the west side of the state. According to a local news station in the area, the squirrels likely drowned while trying to cross the Grand River and then flowed to the lake and Grand Haven State Park.

Nick Kalejs, a wildlife biologist at the Muskegon State Game Area, commented on the situation saying, “I don’t think people should be unduly alarmed. It’s always distressing to see dead animals, and we certainly don’t want any animal to suffer. There does seem to be some (precedent) for this type of thing, and hopefully it won’t last too much longer.”

Kalejs mentioned that the squirrels may be trying to get across the river in search of food due to there being a food scarcity. If you are wondering, squirrels can actually swim, but he said, “clearly not all of them make it.”

This isn't the first bizarre squirrel occurrence.  Another episode was witnessed in the Grand Haven area in 1968, Kalejs said, although across the country, reports of these occurrences date all the way back to the 1780′s.


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