MLB Spring Training is finally underway in Arizona and Florida. Remember, this is still under Pandemic conditions.

The Detroit Tigers get it going at Joker Marchant Stadium this year with a brand new manager. His name is AJ Hinch. Hinch came off a year’s suspension from MLB for his involvement with the Houston Astro’s sign stealing controversy. Hinch of course won a World Series with the Astro’s. So he knows how to put a team together that will be competitive sooner than later.

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This team should be better than last year’s shortened season due to Pandemic conditions. That being said, this season is still under Pandemic conditions, but they will play a 162 game season.

The Tigers have stunk for multiple years now. They have to get back to being somewhat  of a competitive  team or no one will come back to Comerica Park. They're under the guidance of Mike Ilitch’s son Chris and GM Al Avilia.

This teams needs a dose of just about everything to be solid again. But I feel with Hinch’s input with players and on field guidance they are on the right track. Spring training is underway, now let warm weather follow too!

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