Ever since Deuce made his departure from Hollywood Undead, there has been a rift in the band's fanbase. Those who sided with Deuce in the split got a treat this week as the masked vocalist returned with a new single, music video, and more nekkid sweater puppies than your local gentleman's club -- 'Let's Get It Crackin'' indeed.

Hollywood Undead fans upset by the absence of Deuce on their latest album 'American Tragedy,' will be pleased that the producer/singer/songwriter/rapper is returning with his debut solo release 'Nine Lives' -- which is scheduled for release on March 27, 2012.

The first single, 'Let's Get It Crackin',' has Deuce stepping out of the shadows and into the forefront with the help of a bunch of lovely ladies -- who don everything from duct tape nipple covers, panties, and masks to invisible nipple covers, panties, and masks. BTW NSFW.