A new DVD/CD highlighting the life of Pantera / Damageplan legend Dimebag Darrell Abbott will become available this November. Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over will feature raw footage from Dime’s life along with five unreleased demo tracks.

It’s been 11 years since Dimevision Vol. 1 was released, showing the many sides of the guitarist during a time when fans were still deeply hurting over his 2004 murder. Vol. 2 will offer a similar view into Dime’s life, meticulously overseen by his longtime girlfriend, Rita Haney, and one of his closest friends, Daryl ‘Bobby Tonys’ Arnberger. Both went through hundreds of tapes to prepare Vol. 2, ending up with a total of 43 video segments to feature on the DVD.

"As we all watched, we envisioned certain segments and ideas coming to life in my head, and rather than it serving as a memorial, this second DVD is more about the vision Dime had in his head for this footage, what he actually wanted it to become,” says Arnberger. “This one is more uplifting, funny, and it stays 100% true to his idea for Dimevision."

"He had a unique way of seeing things, and he always lived with a video camera," adds Haney. "No matter where we went he was always capturing what was going on, and myself and others around him were filming a lot too. In putting out these videos I just want people to see the way he was, 24/7. What you saw onstage and backstage, that was how he lived."

"There were some really touching, deep, heavy and emotional moments in the first one, where he's talking about himself to the camera while in the shower,” continues Haney. “Filming himself like that was something he did a lot, and you'd have no clue until you're looking through the tapes and come across them, and when you do the goosebumps crawl all over you. People that love and know Darrell are going to be touched by what he has to say, because it's him telling you for the first time."

According to Haney, fans may not have to wait another 11 years for Dimevision Vol. 3 to come out, as there’s plenty more to share in the future. "We hope to make [Dimevision] an annual thing. It will all depend on if the fans want it and support it!"

The five unreleased demo tracks fans will find on Dimevision Vol. 2 are “Twisted,” “Ain’t No Struggle,” “True,” “Let’s Go” and “Whisky Road.” Fans can grab Dimevision Vol. 2 at PledgeMusic in a variety of different bundles, some of which include clothes Dimebag personally wore and items the guitarist owned during his life.

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