Physical Education teachers in the state of Alabama are going to have to make a few adjustments for the upcoming school year.

Games that we grew up playing in gym class back in the day, such as tag, kickball, duck-duck-goose, and even red rover are being targeted for elimination in Alabama schools.

According to a guidance document from the Alabama State Department of Education, student isolation, injury risk, lack of physical stimulation, and the high chance of student embarrassment associated with the aforementioned games are just some of the reasons why they are asking these activities be removed from the school day.

You can see the full list of games that they are advising schools avoid below, most of which I played as a kid. Not only did we play them in school, but also at birthday parties for friends of mine growing up. Let me know what you think of the topic and if other states should follow suit.

Source: and Movieclips via YouTube

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