Anybody who has been lucky enough to catch FTM at The Machine Shop knows these dudes are the real deal. Their sophomore album 'Arrows and Anchors' may not be out until July 12th, but you can download the new track 'Amarillo Sleeps on my Pillow' right here for free!

The second album is usually a big turning point for a band. The ones who drop solid second albums usually end up having decent longevity while those who don't end up falling off the map. If any band can avoid the sophomore slump it would be Fair to Midland. I actually think that the new album will be more succesful than the last. After seeing them a few times the past couple of years at the shop, you notice that they get better every time. Now that they've really got a bead on their sound it will be hard not to out do their awesome debut album 'Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True'.

It's not every day you find a vocalist who has that much range that is backed by a band that sounds as unique as FTM. Check out this free download of the track 'Amarillo Sleeps on my Pillow' from 'Arrows and Anchors'.