Looks like the bass playing virtuosity of Les Claypool was able to edge out Adelitas Way after all. Primus will try to rack up the second W for the song 'Tragedy's a' Comin'' tonight when it enters the squared circle to cockfight against Escape the Fate's 'Liars and Monsters.

  • 'Liars and Monsters'

    Escape the Fate

    Usually not the type of band you associate with Primus, but then again -- who is? The Las Vegas post-hardcore outfit will be tasked with the job of taking down cult favs Primus tonight. If this song is as popular as their last single 'Issues', Primus might be in a tough battle tonight.

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  • 'Tragedy's a' Comin''


    Here are some things that have been invented since Primus' last album 'Anti-Pop': Google, fire, YouTube, 'Jersey Shore', iPhone, The wheel... okay maybe not that last one, but it has been too long. 12 years is a long time to keep fans waiting for a new record, They proved last night that people are still hungry for the eternal bass driven weirdness that is Primus. Let's see if the masters of oddity can knock down two in a row tonight.

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