From a fire station to a vacant building to an awesome restaurant, this building has seen a good life.

One of my favorite restaurants to visit in Fenton, especially during the summer, is the Fenton Fire Hall. The food has always been amazing and the beer is delicious. The building itself is very unique and whether you are in the basement, main dining area, or on the roof, you are sure to have a great time.

The building that the restaurant resides in is a historic former fire station in downtown Fenton. After being taken out of service, the building sat vacant until the restaurant group Union Joints stepped in back in 2012. After leasing the building and spending $3 million, the Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant was born.

It was shuttered for a number of years, so they wanted to see it redeveloped and repurposed...The city didn’t create the restaurant. This was a proposal by bidders to recreate and reinvent the building -- to invest in it...There’s all these elements left in place or used as strengths to show off the history of the building...said Assistant City Manager Michael Hart.

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When the deal was made, one of the stipulations was that if the restaurant group made it successful, they would be able to buy the building. Having accomplished that stipulation, the City of Fenton just sold the building to Union Joints for a whopping $1. Yes, you read that right, one single dollar. However, there is another stipulation that comes along with that price tag. Union Joints will now have to repair the iconic clock tower on the Fenton Fire Hall back to working condition.

Union Joints owns several other great restaurants in Michigan including Clarkston Union, Honcho in Clarkston, the Union Woodshop, and more.

Source: ABC 12

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