Just last week, Bad Wolves announced that former Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz would be taking over vocal duties for the group and now a behind-the-scenes video hyping their new album offers a first taste of his vocals within the band setting.

The new clip, seen below, is an introductory piece featuring DL himself along with the band's members discussing his addition to their lineup.

"There were so many people coming at us but we had our inner circle of people that we would trust and DL was certainly on that list. We had amazing singers try out for the band but I always was feeling the vibe that DL had," says drummer John Boecklin.

Guitarist Doc Coyle later adds, "With DL everything felt very comfortable. Sometimes just being around people and the physical energy in the room in the attitudes and the mindsets, DL was just one of us pretty much the first minute he got in a room with everybody."

The clips shows footage inside the studio and ends with a bit of new Bad Wolves music with DL's vocals powering through. The band's Dear Monsters album is expected soon.

Laskiewicz' addition comes after the band split with vocalist Tommy Vext earlier this year.

Bad Wolves Behind the Scenes of Dear Monsters Album

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