With the start of another long work week, here are a few songs that jump start my day and get me motivated to do a bunch of adulting.

When it is time to buckle down and get some work done or when life just sucks -- most of us turn to music to get us through. Rocking out to these songs will definitely get you amped up no matter what you're up against. If they're not already on your work playlist, you might want to consider changing that. Everyone's taste in music is subjective, but these are the ones that get it done for me.


1. Static X, 'Push it' -- This song is one that is my go to that always seems to get the blood pumping.


2. Pantera, 'Walk' -- The only thing I have to say is PANTERA. 


3. Rammstein, 'Du Hast' -- Even if you have no idea what they are saying this song just kicks ass. The English version sucks, btw.


4. Metallica, 'Master of Puppets' -- You can't have a list like this without having Metallica.


5. Hollywood Undead, 'My Life' -- Really listen to the lyrics to this song and go kick life in the teeth.

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