I don't watch much actual television, but I have seen the show Shark Tank, and I think it's cool to see people who have great ideas for business get that boost they need to get the ball rolling. Starting a business can be hella expensive! This competition gave nine new business a shot a nice chunk of change and a chance to win even more.

The GreenLight Business Model Competition brings together businesses that have been in existence for one year or less and people with plans that are looking to start a new company. It gives them the chance to present their business plan to a panel of judges and the general public who then vote on who will win the money.

There are four prizes from $5000 down to $500 with one being voted on by only the public. After the presentations, the judges go do their judge thing while all in attendance enjoy free refreshments from Table & Tap including delicious craft beers and cider from a new Flint company, Tenacity Brewing, and a full catered buffet of food from another local restaurant 51 To Go. I was able to grab some photos of the brew, but I was too busy putting the smash on that food to remember to take pics of it. It was awesome though, trust me. This time is also good for any and everyone to network and make new connections.

At the end the four prizes are awarded and some of these hard working individuals are one over-sized check closer to making their dream business a reality. The winners also move on with a chance to win the top prize of $25,000 contesting against others from the Port Huron and East Lansing competitions.

The Flint Farmers' Market is all new, improved and absolutely beautiful with tons of extra space to hold nice events like this one. (We even had our radio stations Christmas party there last year and it was really nice!)

Although it's over this year, it's definitely something to keep in mind, as this year is already flying by. For more details check out their website http://www.greenlightmichigan.com/#register



The big winner SS Equestrian Center!