I am going to put this story directly in the "Only in Flint" file. Check out the details on a a man, his ex and the romantic gesture of chasing her down wielding an ax.

Flint police arrested a 45-year-old resident after he forced his ex-girlfriend into his car and then chased her down with an ax after she got out.

The woman told police that her ex forced her into his car on Friday at 4 pm, trying to discuss rekindling their relationship.   After driving the woman around, he dropped her off at her residence on Home Avenue.  The woman informed the man she would not get back together with him, which is when the ax came out.  After hearing the news, he chased her down the street, which is when police were called.

No injuries were sustained, the ax was recovered and the suspect is currently being held at the Genesee County Jail.

I'm just surprised the woman still didn't take him back.  Nothing says "I'm sorry" like kidnapping a woman and trying to chop her head off.

Source: MLive