Sometimes when you have a beef with one of your exes, it is only a matter of time until the meat cleaver comes out. At least that appears to be the case here in Flint.

According to reports, officers were called out on Sunday near Chevrolet Avenue and Dupont in response to a possible assault. When the arrived on the scene, the man that lived there told police that his ex-girlfriend showed up out of the clear blue sky, flipped her script and tried to kill him with a meat cleaver.

Further investigation into the incident found that the woman appeared on the man’s front porch raising nine kinds of hell, and at some point, after the conversation got really heated, she went to her vehicle and pulled a meat cleaver out of the trunk.

The man says he was able to wrestle the meat cleaver out of her hands before she gave him a Genesee County circumcision, but then she just used her only available weapon – her fingernails – to scratch the holy hell out of his face.

Incidentally, the man did not press charges against his axe grinding psycho ex-girlfriend, but police did confiscate the weapon.