A Flint woman says she thought she was hearing firecrackers going off in the distance right before a round of unfriendly fire pierced through both of her legs.

According to a police report, an unidentified woman was standing outside talking to a friend at around 5pm on Wednesday, October 9, when she heard what sounded like fireworks going off in the background. How patriotic, right? Not so much. It wasn’t long until the woman informed her friend that what they heard might have been gunfire because she had inadvertently been shot.

The police report indicates that the woman was in fact shot: one bullet blasted through both of her legs, but luckily, it missed all arteries, veins and bones. The woman was treated at a nearby hospital where she is believed to be in good condition.

Unfortunately, aside from hearing the sound of what they believed to be fireworks, neither women heard or saw anything else that could be useful to investigators. Police have no suspects in custody at this time.

Side note: If you hear what sounds like fireworks going off in your neighborhood, anytime after the Fourth of July, it may be a good idea to take cover. Welcome to Flint!