Foo Fighters' headlining set during the final night of Hungary's Sziget Festival Tuesday (August 13) ended in good vibes as bandleader Dave Grohl welcomed a crowdsurfing man in a wheelchair onstage. Not only that, the rocker also invited a woman blowing bubbles to enjoy the show from the main platform.

Grohl started communicating to the fan in the wheelchair from the midpoint of the two-and-a-half-hour long concert, Hungary Today reported. After the concertgoer was frequently featured on the large projector screen during the performance, the bandleader ultimately made a special plea to the attendee. Watch fan-captured video of the feel-good spectacle down toward the bottom of this post.

"Ladies and gentlemen I would like to say, even to the guy in the fucking wheelchair,” Grohl cheerily addressed the audience, as transcribed by NME. "He's the fucking star of the show right there — that's the fucking star of the show. My man! My man! I have a question; do you wanna come up and watch the show from up here?"

Grohl continued, "You wanna come up? Bring that motherfucker up here right now. Come on, come see the show. And then you know what? How about this: the girl with the bubbles, you still got bubbles? Where's my bubble girl? I need the bubble girl and I need this man here right now — come up onstage."

Foo Fighters ended their hit-filled set in Hungary with a triumphant performance of signature 1997 cut "Everlong." The fan in the wheelchair finished his time in the spotlight by hoisting Grohl's guitar above his head and lobbing it across the stage in a blaze of rock fury.

Before that, Grohl added, "I would like to say that between the bubble girl and this man right here, and mother nature, I think we had a beautiful night."

The outfit led by the former Nirvana drummer continue their tour of Europe and the U.K. this month before picking up in the States later this year. Get ticketing info for the band's upcoming shows here.

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