Free Beer and Hot Wings had a little phone trouble earlier this morning.  After a few hours of not being able to call into the show, the audience channeled all of their frustration into some really dumb calls.

First a "doctor" called in to incorrectly refute a Dumber Than Zane Trivia answer.  After that idiocy, a guy called in to saying that women shouldn't be able to serve on the front lines in the military because they are quote "weak minded."  The caller then went on to explain that women need to keep their genitals clean and that women being out on deployment for longer than a week will cause them to become disease ridden.  Great job by the callers this morning, you have shamed yourselves to a point of no return.

Listen to the calls and Free Beer and Hot Wings' reactions below.

You're insinuating that if they (women) don't continually clean their innards, it will somehow turn into a bread factory or attract seagulls and rat everyone out. - Hot Wings

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