Governor Snyder is well aware that there isn't a lot of love for him in Flint these days.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding who did what and who's ultimately responsible for the series of systematic failures that brought about the Flint water crisis. For many, the buck stops with Governor Rick Snyder. Regardless of how you look at it, there's no denying that a few of Snyder's Emergency Managers complicated Flint's water problems at the very least.

It is because of this, that Flint residents, celebs like Michael Moore and Matt Damon, and even Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are calling for everything from Snyder's resignation to his arrest. In a recent interview, the Governor revealed that he is aware there are some who think his punishment should be much more severe. "People want to have me shot. Well, it's true," said Snyder. "That doesn't help solve the problem."

In a press conference at Flint City Hall earlier today (1/27), Mayor Weaver announced that $3 million would be going to water bill relief, as well as her support for those who feel they shouldn't have to pay for unusable water. She also revealed that Virginia Tech's Marc Edwards would oversee all testing of Flint water samples moving forward, a move that was independently funded. Governor Snyder, who was also in attendance at the conference, announced that a new committee was formed to work on long-term recommendations for Flint.