Who hasn't wanted to look all cool in a music video before? Well rap-rockers Hollywood Undead are giving you the chance to do just that. They are filming the video for their new single 'My Town' and asking for fan submitted footage, find out how you get can get in the video here.

Not only will it get you laid, being in a music video can also make you famous. Whether it breaks you into Hollywood (Courtney Cox, Alicia Silverstone), or becomes the only thing you're known for (that chick from the Whitesnake videos, Jamiroquai); being in a music video is kick ass.

Hollywood Undead is giving fans an easy opportunity to be featured in the upcoming video for their next single 'My Town'. All you have to get video of you playing guitar, drums, bass, singing, or faking any of those to the song 'My Town' in front of a notable landmark in your town. When you are done send the video as a response to the video below on the official Hollywood Undead Youtube page, if you need lyrics to the song you can get those here.

If my explanation was too vague, here is a video of the band explaining the concept further.