Rap-rock artist Hyro the Hero on Friday (April 15) released a new version of his song "Kids Against the Monsters." It features Slipknot vocalist and solo performer Corey Taylor singing the hook of the tune first released in a version without him last year.

It's part of Hyro the Hero's new Kids Against the Monsters EP, also released on Friday, which is entirely composed of tunes featuring guest spots from rock and metal lead vocalists. Disturbed's David Draiman helps out on "We Believe," Fire From the Gods' AJ Channer aids "FU2," and Mudvayne and Hellyeah's Chad Gray contributes to "Fight."

Hear the Taylor-assisted "Kids Against the Monsters" down toward the bottom of this post.

On Friday, Hyro said in a press release, "Working with Corey Taylor was incredible. When I first heard him sing the words of the chorus we created, I got chills. 'Kids Against the Monsters' is about the problems we deal with from generation to generation. This generation is trying to find peace and fix past mistakes."

He added, "When you press play and listen to my music, I want you to feel the positivity and love."

Taylor remarked, "It's always nice to collaborate with up-and-coming talent, especially when you're a genuine fan. I was stoked to hop on this song with Hyro the Hero. He embodies what a true artist is meant to do — make you feel something. This song is a great reminder that we're stronger together when facing our demons."

The rock singer-assisted Hyro tracks emerged individually over the past year and are now collected on Kids Against the Monsters. The project first started as a mixtape following Hyro's two studio albums, 2018's Flagged Channel and 2011's Birth, School, Work, Death (as Hyro Da Hero).

A follow-up to Slipknot's 2019 album We Are Not Your Kind is said to be on the way soon. The masked metal band released a new song late last year. Taylor's now leading them on Knotfest 2022 with In This MomentJinjer and more.

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Hyro the Hero feat. Corey Taylor, "Kids Against the Monsters"

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