Tonight with the Bad Bowlers League, it is 80's night.  I have already heard about some of the costumes that the teams are getting together.  This should definitely be an entertaining night.  Last year, the "Lil Missouri Pirates" were the kings of the costumes but they might get a run for their money this year.

If you are not on the Bad Bowlers League, you can still come up and join us for some drinks.  The league gets started at 6:30 Tony, Maggie, Chris and Tree all have teams out there.  If you are cruising the alley, look for our teams:

  • Maggie and "Foxy StrikeZam"
  • Tony and "Blonde Leading The Blonde"
  • Chris and "Fight for Flint"
  • and Tree with "The Pecan Sandies"

See you all tonight!