A metal singer who is formerly Christian shouts out the most blasphemous lyrics on Bring Me the Horizon's new album.

Last night, Bring Me the Horizon dropped their long-awaited new album POST HUMAN: NeX GEn. It's a massive release at 16 tracks and nearly an hour long, collecting the singles the band released over the past couple of years plus a host of new ones.

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The record follows the band's previous several releases in including a myriad of guest performers, ranging from Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, to rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

There's one particularly notable guest spot, both in who the band chose and for what. And it looks like all the misguided Bring Me the Horizon fans who thought the band was Christian for some reason may have something to be even angrier about.

Underoath Singer Spencer Chamberlain Delivers Extremely Blasphemous Lyric on New Bring Me The Horizon Song "a bulleT w- my namE On"

On the track "a bulleT w- my namE On," Underoath singers Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain join up with BMTH to deliver guest vocals. The song sounds very close to what Underoath was doing on Define the Great Line, merging together elements of metalcore and post-hardcore into a very lethal mix.

Chamberlain takes center stage on the track, delivering one of the most blasphemous lyrics in a Bring Me the Horizon song to date. During the song's breakdown, he screams "And if Jesus Christ returns, We'll just kill the fucker twice."

This is the exact line BMTH was using on a show flier several weeks ago that got fans up in arms. Turns out, the band actually doubled down on its blasphemy, by getting the singer of Underoath, who notably lost his faith in Christianity, to deliver the line.

Why Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain Is No Longer Christian

When Underoath released their first music in 2018 after a long hiatus, Chamberlain's lyrics were clearly written about losing his faith. Their first single "On My Teeth" featured lines like "What you believe, your life is a lie, get over it."

In Loudwire's interview with the band back in 2018, Chamberlain stated "religion should not be in music," saying,

“[The Christian community] were some of the meanest, most alienating people we’ve ever worked with, especially in the music industry. Since 2006 on, when it came out that I had problems with drugs, there was never any help, it was just like, ‘Let’s crucify that guy. Look how terrible of an example of a Christian he is.’ Not one person offered to help me, it was just like, ‘Fuck that guy, let’s get him out of here.’”

Underoath: Religion Should Not Be in Music

Hear the song for yourself below:

Bring Me the Horizon, "a bulleT w/my namE On"

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