Kelly Osbourne has opened up about how she and Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson started dating during a recent appearance on The Osbournes podcast.

Rumors of the couple's relationship started to circulate in early 2022, with Osbourne going public with her love for Wilson in a Valentine's Day post that same year. In May of 2022, the couple announced that they were expecting a child together and though they kept the birth of their son Sidney under wraps for a period, it was confirmed that the child arrived in November 2022.

Osbourne has been selective in speaking about her child and her relationship with Wilson, opting for privacy for the most part. But during the most recent appearance on The Osbournes Podcast (seen below at the very end of the podcast), she opened up about the couple's relationship and how it evolved over time.

The couple first met when Slipknot first appeared on Ozzfest, and as Kelly revealed, their age difference at that time led to a more friendly relationship as she was barely a teenager.

“We first met when I was a kid and I think we only saw each other as kids. We were just friends, because there was a seven year age difference and back then, that was a huge, huge gap. I was 13-years-old and he was in his early 20s,” she explained, adding that her brother Jack was probably better friends with Wilson than she was at that point.

Sharon Osbourne spoke of Wilson's outgoing nature when first meeting him on Ozzfest, explaining, “Sid, of all the nine members, Sid was always the one that would be in production. He was always around and he was very social. But whereas the other guys, because of the masks, didn’t hang as much as Sid did, so he was the one person I would always associate with.”

But time passed and Osbourne and Wilson remained friends for years before any romantic feelings surfaced.

Kelly recalled, “I think it was 2013 or maybe a bit before that, I ran into Sid when he had his record shop on Melrose. And that’s when he decided that he liked me. I didn’t know this."

"And then every couple of months or seasonally I would hear from him. And then they were playing a big show at Sofi [Stadium] and he invited me to the show, and I thought, ‘Why not, I’ll go,’” she recalled. “Four years ago, he invited me to his show and I went to the show and I still had no idea that he liked me, and then we just started talking more and hanging out more and it happened really naturally."

She adds of the natural progression of their feelings, "It wasn’t like forced. Because we had been friends for so long, there was a sense of comfortability that I’ve never had with anyone else.”

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Sharon says ehe was once asked about the couple's relationship and if she felt it was odd that Kelly was dating a musician, to which the Osbourne matriarch replied that it would have actually been weird if she came home with a "normie."

"I was never going to come home with anyone normal," Kelly then added.

Check out more of the discussion in The Osbournes Podcast below.

Kelly Osbourne Discusses Her Relationship With Sid Wilson on The Osbournes Podcast

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