Is it appropriate for kids to be rocking certain emo or goth shirts?

Parents love reflecting their interests onto their kids. It's a time-honored tradition, be it '80s movies obsessives turning their babies into Marty McFly, or hypebeast dads buying their kid matching Jordans.

Our world of rock and metal is no exception. Band merch has come in baby sizes for a long time, and parents can cop all of the Slipknot and Misfits onesies their hearts desire.

However, one goth-themed kids brand is getting the internet riled up due to their take on kid's gear. Kids & Kreatures has been getting users on TikTok up in arms about some of the shirts on the site, including one that says "I (Heart) Goth Chicks" with an anatomical heart.

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...Well, sort of. Turns out most of the outrage towards the brand is being perpetuated by the brand itself. The owner made a video on TikTok pretending to discover the brand, feigning outrage at the content and encouraging viewers to go to the site in disgust.

It's a pretty brilliant marketing strategy.

While many of the commenters get the bit the owner is going for, and are pleasantly surprised at the relatively cheap price point and cute designs, it definitely caught its fair share of people genuinely unhappy about the line.


"As a Christian I would not. But I wont judge who will. I leave that to God, he will take care of it," reads one of the top comments. Still, most folks are digging both how the brand is going about the promotion and what they do.

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Would you buy your kid a shirt that says "GOTH" or "Dare to be different"? Check out the brand here.

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