Now that it's been over a week since Slipknot's first show of 2024, fans are sharing their thoughts on the band's "new era" and masks on Reddit.

The 'Knot played their first concert of the year on April 25 at an intimate venue in Pioneertown, Calif. called Pappy + Harriet's, which marked their first performance with new drummer Eloy Casagrande.

Though his identity hadn't been confirmed prior to the show, they formally named him their newest member on social media a few days later, making it the first time in Slipknot history that they revealed the name of a new member so soon.

During the performance, they all debuted new masks. But for many of the longtime members, the masks were essentially updated versions of the ones they wore during the 1999 album and tour cycle. They also donned the classic red jumpsuits with "25" patches on them to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album.

Slipknot change their masks and switch up their aesthetic for every album cycle, although this time it seems that the changes are in honor of the anniversary. So, Slipknot fans have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on this "new era" of the band.

Slipknot Fans Share Thoughts on Band’s ‘New Era’ + Masks on Reddit

The Reddit post features a photo of the members' new masks and asks what other fans think of the "new era."

Below are some of the most interesting comments we found throughout the discussion.

  • "Mick's was a bold choice." (Obviously, this was sarcasm as his mask has stayed mostly the same over the years).
  • "I haven't been this excited about Slipknot since 'All Hope Is Gone'."
  • "I like every mask except for Eloy's and the new sampler's. I'm sure they'll evolve and get better though."
  • "Cautiously optimistic. If Clown quits on his AI bullshit and the band really picks themselves up (which I really fucking hope they do with a drummer like Eloy) then we’ll be back in fucking business. Other than that, I’m just excitedly waiting on the chance to buy a replica of Corey’s new mask."
  • "The best it's been in 10+ years."
  • "I’m just hoping they have one more 'WANYK' or 'V3' in them, I know 'ST' and 'Iowa' were once in a lifetime."

There were some less enthusiastic comments, as well.

  • "Idk doesn't feel like slipknot anymore, I'll still listen to their new stuff, though."
  • "I appreciate the 'return to form,' but it just feels so manufactured and not genuine like it did back in the day."
  • "In terms of style, three out of the nine masks look nearly identical and are lacking personality."

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Can't win 'em all!

A Lot of Fans Want Slipknot to Change Their Setlist

Some users made remarks on the Reddit post about Slipknot's live show, in addition to their new aesthetic. Most of the comments that mentioned their setlist said that they want the band to switch up the song selection more.

  • "Change the damn set list and I'll have more positive things to say. They play too many weak hits."
  • "Thoughts: Pfaff’s two new masks are fucking PEAK. Also, PLEASE change the setlist already."
  • "Well, the looks and the aesthetics are great, Eloy might be a great addition to refresh the energy of the band but if they’re calling it a 25th anniversary tour but playing the same damn setlist, it's not very exciting for me. I expect that they play self-titled in its entirety or something different musically speaking, otherwise, the visuals will be just a hollow thing."

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