If you are a Michigander from the Flint area or Saginaw area - chances are if I say Al Kessel you know exactly who that is.

How do we know him? From his TV commercials for Kessel Food Markets.

What about Mel Farr? Now there is a blast from the past. I cannot be the only one who remembers Mel Farr (Superstar) wearing a cape and flying in his local television commercials. Do you remember the jingle? I do - Mel Farr Superstar for a Farr better deal!

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There are actually quite a few classic local commercials, more often than not starring the owners themselves.

Did I think I would ever see my friend Bill Tadrick in a cape and tights too? Nope, but I did in a commercial for Tadrick's Tax Service. I love that so many local businesses have or at one time branded themselves with campy sometimes cheesy commercials.

It worked because here we are so many years later remembering those particular television ads.

I have included the above-mentioned commercials and a few more classic spots below.

Dan Dan the Mattress Man did make the list. His spots may not be as old as most on my list, but they are indeed iconic.

I hope you enjoy watching these commercials as much as I did.

Mel Farr Ford

Tadrick's Tax Service

Joseph Pontiac Chevrolet


Dan Dan the Mattress Man 

Karen's Carpetmax

Ron Slivka Buick

Mr. Alan's 


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