There’s something each, and every one of us does every day that I think we take for granted. Everybody goes number two, flushes, and then walks away without ever really realizing what happens next. The fact of the matter is that poo is supposed to go to a waste management facility in the area. But as FixMIState points out, there is a failing infrastructure that is causing waste to spill into our streets.

Not only our streets but into the Kalamazoo River here in Southwest Michigan. But it’s not just Kalamazoo that it’s affecting the entire state as they point out:

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Every year raw, partially treated sewage spills happen all across Michigan. Since 2008, an average of 5,700,000,000 gallons of untreated sewage has flowed into Michigan’s waterways which is enough to fill nearly 200,000 family-size swimming pools annually. It happened in Grand Haven and it happened in Kalamazoo from Ann Arbor to Traverse City from Ypsilanti to in 2017. Heavy range totals $100 million in damage.

Too often in Michigan, your number two can go rogue. That’s because the majority of Michigan’s wastewater systems of underground pipes are very old, some dating back more than 50 or 75 years. They encourage all citizens to write our state legislature to help fix our failing infrastructure.

Also, remember the next time we have a flood here in Kalamazoo and there is enough water on the street to ride a Sea-Doo on, you’re most likely riding your Sea-doo through doo-doo. Just sayin'...that's not a recipe for a good time.

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