Who makes the largest sandwiches in Michigan?
For that matter, the hugest banana split?

The same place that features these:
1) A side of bacon is a whole pound...twenty slices.
2) An omelet is made with nine eggs.
3) A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is made with a whole pound of bacon.
4) A turkey club sandwich is made with a whole pound of bacon.
5) A mountain of chili cheese fries.
6) A banana split is made with a half gallon of ice cream, chocolate syrup, pineapple topping, strawberry topping, gobs of whipped cream, nuts, maraschino cherry.....oh yeah, and a banana is in there somewhere.

Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run – between Saginaw and Flint - has the biggest sandwiches in Michigan as well as the largest banana splits. Located at 8781 Main Street, Tony's has become the favorite place for families, couples on a date, truckers, busloads...even people from out of state have heard about Tony's and make the long drive just to eat a massive sandwich or banana split.

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There is no way a normal, average, everyday person can go in there, eat a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich and then have a banana split for dessert. There is just NO way. The owner says if you're still hungry when you finish he'll give you something else to eat until you're full.

Keep in mind, Tony's serves up these monster sandwiches EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's not some one-off thing that some places do, like putting together a sub sandwich the length of a football field – those are whims and special events stuff....Tony's makes these ALL the time.

Wanna experience the largest sandwiches in Michigan?
Now you can.

Sounds like my kind of place.

The Biggest Sandwiches in Michigan


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