Michigan attracts many of the rich and famous from other parts of the country who come and make their lavish summer getaways and homes, but we have our own society of them right here.

One such mansion is the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house,, located at 1100 Lake Shore Drive on the shore of Lake St. Clair.

Edsel's new home began being constructed in 1926. The house was finished in 1927, but it took two years to complete all the fittings and furnishings, specifically, the fireplaces and antique wood paneling. Kitchen counters were made with sterling silver, and in Edsel's office a secret photo darkroom was hidden behind a wall panel.
Why did it have to be hidden?

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Edsel and Eleanor were finally ready to move in by 1928.

What other features were there?
Eight-car garage (with turntable to rotate the cars so there was no need for backing out)
Gate House with apartments
Power house
Playhouse (with electricity and plumbing)
Recreation house
Squash court
Swimming pool

It was in this house that Edsel Ford took his last breath – he passed away here in 1943. Eleanor refused to move and lived the rest of her days in the mansion until her passing in 1976. Rather than pass it on to kids, grandkids, or any other relative, one of Eleanor's last wishes was for the mansion to be used by the public. Currently, the mansion gives guided tours.

Even though Edsel Ford did indeed design some good vehicles, he will always be connected to and remembered for the car that bore his name, “The Edsel”, which was one of the biggest flops in the entire automobile industry.

Now take a look inside Edsel and Eleanor's mansion in the gallery below...

Inside Edsel Ford's Mansion


Remains of Edsel Ford's Retreat

Hidden Structures Found in the Woods at Edsel Ford's Retreat

Henry Ford's Home, Built in 1908



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