A house made by 3D printing? For real? How good could it be?

Michigan now has its first 3D house...in fact, it's the first in the Midwest thanks to Citizen Robotics. It's located at 1444 Sheridan Street in Detroit, in the Islandview neighborhood. And it's not a model or trial house...it's a real, livable single-family residence with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 988 square feet...and it's even handicap-equipped. Evelyn Woodman, the co-founder of Citizen Robotics, says “As the homeowner continues to age, or should they have any physical disabilities they would have no problem getting around in this home."

The house's concrete walls were also made by a 3D printer.

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Oh yeah? 'Well how much does it cost?' you may ask. The listing price is $224,500. With the average house value throughout Detroit being $80,000, is it worth the price? To address that question, Woodman answered, “It’ll have low maintenance over time, and low heating and cooling costs over time. So, what we’re focused on is affordability over the life span of a home.”

Being the first 3D house in Michigan, of course the costs were higher than what was expected...but as more 3D homes are built, costs will come down.

Disadvantages? You bet.
1) The main insulation used in the walls is loose vermiculite filler. If a hole in the wall occurs, it can run out, and is difficult to get back in.
2) Nobody knows yet how durable 3D printed houses are yet. Will they be as strong and long-lasting like brick and wood?
3) Not enough savvy 3D engineers with the correct knowledge.

Meantime, you can drive by and see for yourself at 1444 Sheridan Street, Detroit...or just take a look at the photo gallery below.

First 3D House in Michigan


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