It's a shame when any old classic building or establishment gets torn down. Sometimes they're falling apart, or someone wants the land for something else (like a parking lot). or no one wants to help with its upkeep, or its left abandoned to rot.

It always burns my cookies when I go by a landmark building site or one of my favorite hangouts and find out there's nothing left but an empty lot.

Thank goodness for photographs – the older the better. This article is not really an article; it's a photo gallery disguised as one. The whole purpose of my blather is to preface a photo gallery of over fifty vintage photographs of past Jackson establishments...most are gone, but some are still standing.

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So, to coin a well-worn cliché, “take a trip down memory lane” with the following gallery. Maybe it won't evoke memories, as anyone who actually remembers these places have probably passed on – but I hope the rest of you will get a kick out of seeing these old Jackson business, shops, and establishments.

Shops & Businesses in Jackson, Michigan: 1900-1920s


Hayes Hotel Memorabilia, Jackson

Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Company, Jackson

Jackson Eatery Memories

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