About 700,000 Michigan families who depend on the SNAP food program will be receiving an extra payment during the month of September.

What is SNAP?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a program that helps Michigan families who qualify buy groceries and other necessities. About 1.3 people from 700,000 households benefit from the program.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the announcement yesterday, saying the extra payment will be loaded onto families' Bridge Cards by the end of the month.

“This extra $95 monthly payment will lower grocery bills and help households use more of their hard-earned dollars for bills, school supplies, and other essential expenses," Whitmer said in a press release. "I will work with anyone to put money back in people’s pockets so they can get a little breathing room. This assistance ensures that federal tax dollars get sent back to Michigan and are spent at Michigan businesses.”


Michigan Pays Maximum SNAP Benefits

According to the Governor's office, Michigan has been paying maximum SNAP benefits to eligible families since April of 2020, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began. The amount of benefits increased again in May of last year.

No Need to Apply for Additional Benefits

No action is necessary for Michigan residents who qualify for additional funds. Benefits will be loaded onto Bridge cards automatically with the additional payment being made no later than September 26.

Households will receive the additional $95 payment even if they're already receiving the maximum benefits provided by the state.


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