The guys from Hurt stopped by the Banana studios yesterday (November, 22nd) before their acoustic show at The Machine Shop. While in the studio J. Loren and Michael Roberts sat in with Maggie Meadows and discussed a crazy night of partying after their Detroit, Mich. show at the Hard Rock Cafe (November, 21st). Find out the scoop after the jump.

It has been awhile since Hurt has ventured their way to Flint to perform at the Machine Shop -- excited to be back in Flint J. stated, "I have never, never been so excited to see you guys, I feel like the most blessed man in the world." He also told Maggie, "…I didn’t even know if I would see your guys faces today; last night was ridiculous."

When J. and Michael first came into the studio, J. said he had a story to tell about a crazy story about partying with some friends after the show in Detroit -- it was so crazy he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to tell it on the air, so he gave us the PG version.

J. starts out talking about this guy he met while Hurt was on their first tour -- he knew the guy pretty well, as well as his wife and kids saying, " ... so we’re trusted friends, I know him, I know his wife, I know his kids ya know." So the guy comes to the Detroit show J. says, "I never really trust myself to hangout with people unless I really know them – J.'s friend says, ‘look J., I know you’re not a big fan of Detroit,’" J. doesn't like Detroit, he thinks there is too much crime and too many bums.

The guy reassures J. about Detroit by saying, "... I’m going to sell you on Detroit, dude after we’re done with tonight you’re gonna love the place, it’s a nice place to be …"

Hurt finishes their set and J.'s friend tells him about a couple he knows celebrating their anniversary down the road at hotel. When they get to the hotel the couple are getting pretty wild, and tell J. that they want to party like a rock star. J tells them that 'they didn't want that it could go really badly.'

They immediately down a fifth of whiskey and one thing led to another and the lady celebrating her anniversary decided she wanted to turn things up a notch and decided to light up -- J. said, "I don’t partake in that, but whatever, it’s the ladies place."

J. says, "Yea, so she smokes out this room, smokes out the whole floor of this hotel; she’s just getting crazy with it. So, I figure she and her hubbies were going to get some private time."

The lady and her husband are in bed so J. and his friend and his friends wife decide to get into the hot tub -- they get down to their "skivvies" -- sitting in this nice hotel room with a great view of downtown Detroit J. tells his friend, "this is kinda nice, now I see what your seeing…"

At this point the lady comes out all pissed off at her husband because he's passed out in bed -- so she does a cannonball into the hot tub.

Water goes everywhere -- all over their clothes and the floor.

Not even five minutes after that hotel security pays a visit to the room -- with a police officer. J. tells everyone to let him handle the situation at the door, the lady who 'owns' the room is at the door cussing at the police and hotel security. The police officer tells J. that there is a warrant on its way and it would be best if they left.

J. asks the officer how long they had, he pretty much told them they are in downtown Detroit and Detroit PD was on their way.

So the three of them gathered their wet clothes from the floor, but his friends wife couldn't find her pants -- so J. threw her his, he was wearing long johns and leave the room -- hotel security chases them down so they don't get away because of damages to the room.

"So we end up running – running – down the streets of Detroit at like three or four in the morning, it’s bitter cold, we’re soaked and I’m in long-johns, my buddies in his boxers and his wife is wearing my soaked pants and a shirt. We looked liked the bums that I was just downing."

J. and gang run into a couple of Greek guys who own a restaurant and J. tells them they are running from the cops and the Greek guy helps them out.

" ...and it looked like a Led Zeppelin moment -- like you're throwing the TV out the window, there's a dead prostitute ..." J. joked.

J. later found out that there was $20,000 worth of damage done to the hotel room. Good thing J. was not harmed or arrested, and made his way to Flint to put on a killer acoustic Hurt show at the Machine Shop. Stay tuned for the rest of the J. Loren and Hurt interview.

Listen to J. Loren describe his crazy night.