Jack White's musical interests aren't his only eclectic tastes, as we will learn from his appearance in Monday's new episode of The History Channel's 'American Pickers.'The former White Stripes frontman may have shifted his focus from performing with a band to running his label (Third Man Records), producing, and collaborating with artists, but that doesn't mean that he's gotten any less interesting.

Fans will be treated to a look inside the world of Jack White and his collection of "crazy stuff" -- as it's described in the preview -- on next week's episode of 'American Pickers.' For those who are unfamiliar with the show it features two collectors/sellers of rare antiques who drive across America looking for people who will let them search through their old barns and cellars for treasure -- think 'Antiques Roadshow' meets 'Hoarders' and you're pretty close.

Hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz come calling when they encounter an elephant's head that their contact believes Jack White may wish to purchase from them. A safe bet considering that The White Stripes' Grammy winning major label debut was named 'Elephant.' The episode airs Monday, January 9th at 9p ET on The History Channel.