Jack White on Friday (Jan. 14) released the sparse, acoustic and very White Stripes-sounding "Love Is Selfish." It's the first single from what will be his second album this year, Entering Heaven Alive.

Yes, the former White Striper is releasing two new albums in 2022. The first, Fear of the Dawn, was previewed late last year with strutting rocker "Taking Me Back." Mark your calendars — Fear of the Dawn arrives in April, Entering Heaven Alive in July.

Listen to "Love Is Selfish" and check out the lyrics to the song down toward the bottom of this post.

But be warned, a listener with knowledge of The White Stripes' catalog may hear the latest Jack White song and immediately call to mind the Stripes' "We're Going to Be Friends," the influential rock duo's wistful acoustic number featured in the opening credits of 2004's Napoleon Dynamite. (Not saying that we did when we heard it. OK maybe we did.)

Still, that shouldn't detract from the sonic beauty White conjures now, 20 years after White Blood Cells. In "Love Is Selfish," what starts as a love lyric ends with what could be White reflecting on the musical empire he built with The White Stripes' Meg White.

Pre-order Fear of the Dawn (out April 8) hereEntering Heaven Alive (out July 22) here. White will tour behind the albums in Europe and North America.

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Jack White, "Love Is Selfish" Lyrics

Love is such a selfish thing
It's always crying me, me, me
And it's always trying to mess up all my plans
And I work real hard to make you understand
And I try my best to help you understand

I've been trying over the years
Trying to overcome the fears
But nothing I come up with proves I can
And I work real hard to make you understand
Yeah, I try my best to help you understand

I'm on a train, but I cannot rest up on it
I'm on a train, but it won't stay on the rails
And I got a sail boat with her name painted on it
But I don't know how to sail

Someone smarter than me and you
May end up solving a clue or two
But could they make it happen with their hands?
Can they build it up from nothing with their hands?
I could lose my mind just trying to understand

Jack White, "Love Is Selfish"

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