Sylvester Stallone gave us a sneak preview of his iconic action hero in the upcoming fifth installment in the Rambo franchise and it's not what we expected.

We've all been through a lot with Rambo over the past 4 decades:


We were there when he took on the Washington State Police and the National Guard because Brian Dennehy wouldn't let him eat at the local diner.

We were there were there when he exploded a guy in Vietnam

We were there when he was a competitive stick fighter in Thailand

We were there when he killed a Russian helicopter with an arrow in Afghanistan

We were there when he shot a guy into a million tiny pieces in Burma

Throughout all of it, John J. Rambo has had maintained a pretty consistent look -- ripped dude with a mullet and red headband

It's a major part of the character's iconography. Rambo isn't part of the MCU, but these are basically hard R superhero movies and the headbanded-mullet is Rambo-Man's super-suit.

Well, brace yourself because Stallone is changing everything you know about Rambo in the upcoming fifth installment in the franchise. Ladies and Gentlemen (I'm just being polite, I know there are no females reading this), I present you with Cowboy Rambo.

That's right! Sly is going full cowboy for the new Rambo. I mean, we've seen Rambo on horseback before, but not like this. They even have him in a leather duster, which, if we're being honest, is probably the most badass piece of outerwear one can possess.

According to our friends at Screencrush, this time John Rambo, played by a 72-year-old Sly Stallone, will be living out his golden years as an Arizona rancher when he's once again called into action to rescue a family friend's granddaughter. His adventures will reportedly lead him south of the border, where he'll take on drug cartels and human trafficking rings (sounds like it's ripped right out of a certain political figure's speeches, huh?)

This Rambo actually sounds better than some of the previous pitches for the movie, one which had old Johnny boy passing the headband to a younger group of commandos and fighting a genetically engineered creature. It was basically Rambo Vs. Predator that would set up a new Rambo-less franchise. Hard pass.

There are no details as to how many people get exploded in a ridiculous over the top fashion this time, but let's hope the answer is "a lot." I guess we'll find out when 'Rambo 5' hits theaters roughly a year from now in fall 2019.

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