It's not every day that you see a chick gettin' all sexy with a chainsaw.

Khloe Terae comes from good ol' Canada, and she must've been an early adopter of Instagram. Seriously, how many people have you seen on IG who were able to score their actual name as a username? Probably very few. We're willing to bet you don't know any who beat everyone else to just their first name, especially if their name is something common like Khloe here.

Perhaps she wasn't the first Khloe to get on Insta... maybe there was a tie and the winner was decided by a sexy pillow fight. Maybe this Khloe was just too sexy and too skilled with a pillow for the others. Maybe she cheated and cut the other pillows using that chainsaw she's posing with in that pic below. Yeah, that's probably exactly how it went down.