Korn are back with the new single from the dubstep-infused track 'Narcissistic Cannibal' from their forthcoming record 'The Path of Totality'. Check out the song and the full tracklist for the album here!

Korn's new album that started as an experimental EP has matured into a full grown monster called 'The Path of Totality'. The project has taken Korn out of their element and has them working with dubstep producers like 12th Planet, Kill The Noise, and Skrillex -- who is featured on three of the albums tracks including the first two singles 'Get Up' and 'Narcissistic Cannibal'.

The introduction of new elements give Korn a fresh, exciting sound, and has even introduced the 18-year old band to new audiences. 'The Path of Totality' is one of this year's most anticipated releases.

'The Path of Totality' tracklist

  1. 'The Path of Totality' tracklist
  2. 'Bleeding Out'
  3. 'Chaos Lives In Everything'
  4. 'Kill Mercy Within'
  5. 'My Wall'
  6. 'Narcisstic Cannibal'
  7. 'Illuminati'
  8. 'Burn The Obedient'
  9. 'Sanctuary'
  10. 'Let's Go'
  11. 'Get Up!'
  12. 'Way Too Far'

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