We Came as Romans co-vocalist Kyle Pavone died in 2018, but his spirit lives on through his music as well as charitable ventures. The Kyle Pavone Foundation just partnered with the Battle Creek Community Foundation to create the Kyle Pavone Scholarship, which is aimed at financially aiding musicians amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last decade especially, touring has proven to be the leading revenue driver for bands, meaning this extended period where live events are currently off limits has been particularly troubling for working musicians, as well as venue owners and staff as well as road crew members.

In an effort to mitigate financial struggles, the Kyle Cares Scholarship will award up to $2000 per applicant until the funds are exhausted. Financial aid will be made available for musicians incurring hardships in the wake of the pandemic, specifically mental/physical health, substance abuse treatment, nutrition/food deficits or housing.

Musicians can file an application here and will receive a notification back within three business weeks.

"In honor of our son Kyle Pavone, we wanted to do something that would help musicians during this time of great need," said Vince and Caroline Pavone, the parents of the later singer. "Even under normal circumstances, the life of a musician can be a lot to handle, and the current situation we're living in only amplifies that struggle. We thought the best thing we could do, what Kyle would want us to do, is to help musicians who are facing difficult times because of circumstances that are beyond their control."

"Since Kyle's passing, we've always said that the opposite of addiction is connection," they added. "If we can help even just one musician get through these tough times, stay connected to loved ones and help them continue to pursue their dreams, then we've done something Kyle would be proud of."

Following Pavone's untimely death in 2018, We Came As Romans stated they would not be seeking his successor and, instead, singer Dave Stephens would be performing Pavone's parts live. In September of 2019, the band debuted their first pair of sings without Pavone and are expected to release their first album since 2017's Cold Like War sometime this year.

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