Lacuna Coil are breaking from the studio to play some late year shows, but they earlier in the year they dropped by the Loudwire studio to talk about their music. During the course of the conversation, the band's co-vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro opened up about their vocal influences and you can find out which artists had an impact on their individual styles by checking out the video above.

Scabbia confesses, "I always loved singers who were focusing on feelings instead of technique." With that in mind, you might be able to guess some of her various influences. Ferro, meanwhile, says he's always been drawn to vocalists with "a very characteristic voice."

Both Scabbia and Ferro have been in the studio with Lacuna Coil this fall working with producer Jay Baumgardner of the band's follow-up to their 'Dark Adrenaline' album. At present, they're just starting a European tour with Paradise Lost and Katatonia that will take up a good portion of their month. Look for a new album from Lacuna Coil in 2014.

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