Did you know the University of Michigan housed a population of rattlesnakes? Neither did we and apparently, neither did the young girl who was bitten by one of those slithery bastards earlier this week while visiting the college’s botanical gardens.

Reports indicate that on Wednesday, a little girl had to be transported to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital after a small eastern massasauga rattlesnake living in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens bit her.

Although a representative for the University of Michigan’s department of safety did not have any immediate information on the child’s condition, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website indicates that these types of bites are typically not fatal.

What is most disturbing is that it appears these rattlesnakes are simply left to roam wild in the facility. Several years ago, the university received funding to build a habitat for this particular type of poisonous snake, but we suspect the grant did not come with enough money to pay for glass cages.

However, there was apparently enough money in the coffers to pay for the signs put up around the botanical gardens warning visitors that these beasts are in the area. Note: Perhaps investing in snake proof boots for visitors to wear would have been a better option.

We certainly hope the little girl who was fanged makes it out of the hospital soon. And just in case anyone from UM’s botanical gardens is reading this, here are a few glass caging options we think will suit your poisonous snake farm perfectly!


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