The ten-year production of Netflix’s Making a Murderer leaves it unclear what a confirmed second season will chronicle, but there may at least be some in-house drama to start. Following Avery’s recent words decrying series breakout laywers Jerry Buting and Dean Strang, the former has now made a statement on his ex-client’s claims.

It started, bizarrely enough, when Avery offered a hand-written diatribe to InTouch against the two lawyers, whose seeming proficiency and likeability within the Netflix series led to an unexpected boon for their careers, between speaking engagements and new TV offers. Somewhere along the line, Avery apparently grew to harbor a grudge against the pair, saying, among other things (via UPROXX):

Dean and Jerry didn’t do no investigation on this case, if they did I would not be in prison, They would have the Suspect if they did there job!! [..]

Lawyers sould loose there license when they dont investigate they case to proof there client’s and they violating the Ethics, the State should take there license for good

It’s difficult to say what Buting or Strang might have done to arouse Avery’s ire, but Buting thankfully took the high road on Twitter:

Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner has certainly made some impressive boasts of cracking the case, with her client’s appeal now set for August, so might some bombshell revelation have colored Avery’s view of his former defense? We’ll find out, whenever Netflix schedules that second season.

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