A Northern Michigan man has been arrested after threatening to shoot up the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency office.

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We understand that frustrations can run high -- especially when dealing with any federal, state, or even local government agency -- but threats really won't help you accomplish your goals.

The Michigan State Police report that the man left a voicemail on Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Constituent Services Office because he was unhappy with how the governor has been handling the coronavirus pandemic.

On the voicemail, the man said he would "load his guns, drive to the Capitol and kill everyone he could find in the Unemployment insurance agency office." The man went on to say that if he did not get the money he believed he was owed he would "drive to Lansing and start shooting."

In a second message, the man reiterated his threat to "shoot up" the office and himself.

The man identified himself in the message.

Reports indicate that the man was identified by police as Douglas Melrose. The man is a 57-year-old resident of Northern Michigan.

Detroit TV station WXYZ reports that Melrose was arrested and arraigned on Monday (August 30). He has been charged with making a terrorist threat.

This is an ongoing story and authorities are continuing to investigate. As more details about the situation or information about Douglas Melrose become available, we will update this story.

No information about Melrose's cache of weapons is available at this time. There have been no reports of injuries.


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